Her Indoors Top Ten TV Dramas: The Results!

Well it took a bit more than a week obviously – I now realise…duh?
But the results are out…one revealed every day on Facebook….with some really lovely comments, thank you to all who joined in….

Starting with:
No. 10 Desperate Housewives

I think we would all quite like to live on Wisteria Lane – Poker anyone??

No. 9 Poirot

I did admit that the thirties is not my favourite period, but Art Deco was the precursor to modernism, so therefore, obviously deserves my regard….(who the b**##y do I think I am??!!)

No. 8  Damages

The unmissable legal thriller starring Glenn Close….I am more ‘Wisteria Lane’ really…but a small pied a terre in Manhattan when the neighbours just got too intense would be good

No. 7 The Apprentice

Oh dear – I fell for a PR con…Pics of ‘The House’ were ‘leaked’ and I believed them and posted one of them, then Wednesday came round and the house was different!! Here it is:

Stunning though as usual….love the scenes of the candidates relaxing at the end of a task in their gorgeous surroundings….

No. 6 The Slap

A very good quality Australian drama based on a book that really hooked me…..Australian Interiors are nice…and yes I did cry at the last episode……

No. 5 Absolutely Fabulous

Admitted on Facebook that I want to be Patsy of course, but can’t help worrying that I am actually, more like the June Whitfield character – help!!

No. 4 X Factor – Judges Houses

It’s 4 ‘Yes’s’ from Her Indoors!

No. 3 Wallander, The Killing and All Scandi Dramas

An hour of sheer drooling every episode…. don’t worry too much about the plot and the subtitles – just enjoy the landscape and the furniture!

No. 2 Sherlock 

A bit of an ‘Interiors Surprise’ this one…but look carefully and you will spot lots of very on trend details: one of my readers noticed that the china, when Holmes has tea with Moriarty, was Ali Miller….….

Ali Miller is a London-based graphic artist whose delicately collaged porcelain plays on nostalgic cultural references – so 2012, what with the jubilee…olympics etc….My reader is a very on trend lady as well…Jane Paterson of Paterson Architects More about Jane and her work in future posts.

1 Mad Men

I said on Facebook that: ‘Twentieth Century Retro Chic Totally Rocks!!’ But superlatives are just not quite enough to describe this programme.

This drama series, that totally ‘gets’ how people behave….and really examines the changes in the way people related to eachother and their home and work environments in the 1960’s. I have a childhood friend whose father worked in advertising in Madison Avenue at the time….he is a fan…Liz, you know who you are……say no more!! 

If all the above don’t quite do it for you….you probably just need:
Grand Designs
Location, Location Location
a Place In the Sun, Home or Away

Put your feet up! x


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