Her Outdoors! an occasional series

I do love gardening…I really do, unfortunately though, my favourite gardening activity is buying lovely gardening books and poring over them…with a coffee….
This does annoy Doug somewhat….he has no interest in gardening whatsoever….none.
He doesn’t ‘love it’…but strangely, does actually do a lot more gardening than I do….I think he maybe has a lot more spare time than me, after all he’s not busy buying lovely gardening books and reading them is he? See, he has all the time in the world…..

Doug working on our back patio

Our back patio before Doug started working on it. Gosh, scary or what?

Our back patio now – nearly finished.

Hmmmm, goodness, he has done well, hasn’t he…..and he hasn’t read any gardening books or had any coffees to chat about his ideas….how has he managed it??

I think I am just waiting for my moment – my big gardening moment – when I am going to throw all those books aside and just get out there! Yes my garden is going to suddenly become an exotic jungle…I am going to do so much planting…..

Will look forward very much to showing you all in more detail when it really is finished.

In the meantime, check out lovely gardening blog http://www.studiogblog.com/ Endlessly inspiring!


2 thoughts on “Her Outdoors! an occasional series

  1. The back yard looks fantastic – you definitely have a handy husband! It looks like you have no lawn which I think is wonderful!

    By the way – it has been my experience that if it involves any sort of power tools or the use of a back hoe it does NOT technically qualify as “gardening” in the male mind and most men love to help!! We won’t tell them otherwise 🙂

    (This also includes my husband..who is a brilliant landscaper but leaves our property all to me to play in)

  2. Thank you for your kind comments Brenda – very encouraging!
    We do have lawn actually, further round the garden….one of these days I will do a post about our plans at one time to become Dandelion farmers!! We have just about got on top of them now….but wow…what a challenge!

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