Improving your bathroom

Probably the most important room in the house. Bathrooms are where we get ready for the day. Where we revitalise and refresh, as well as relax and unwind, soaking away all the stresses of life. If you want to give your bathroom a spruce up, but you are on a budget, there is plenty you can do – here are a few simple tips for breathing new life into your bathroom space without it costing you thousands.

Say goodbye to the shower curtain
Never hygienic – get rid of that drab old curtain and swap it out for a clear glass shower screen instead. Not only will it do a better job of protecting your bathroom from water, but it will help to enhance the size and feel of the space. A pane of glass will make the room seem more continuous. Look out for beautiful but inexpensive selection at any DIY store.

Say goodbye to the carpet as well.
Warm underfoot? Errr probably, but NOT in a good way… Travertine, ceramic, rubber are all gorgeous, but if you are on a tight budget glittery lino can be picked up for a song – go for it!

Just give it a good old deep clean
Your bathroom could need re-grouting or re-corking around the sink and bath areas or the tiles, all simple maintenance jobs that could make a world of difference to how you feel in that space.

Candleabra anyone?
Fixtures and fittings are expensive to replace, but what about the portable elements to your bathroom? Things like side cabinets and standing units can easily be swapped out, and the replacements don’t have to cost the earth. You can either head for charity shops, online stores like eBay and vintage boutiques where you’ll find fantastic quality for a fraction of the price, or consider upcycling. Is there anything in your home you’re no getting the use out of? A candelabra maybe? Can you re-style it to fit your bathroom décor?

Colour up
If you’re working to a budget, paint costs a pittance compared to a full-scale re-modelling, and it can instantly transform your space. Try wallpaper for a bit of drama, and then use inexpensive accessories of a bolder colour, such as towels, trinkets and soap dispensers, to freshen it up and add an accent to the space.

Finishing touches
It’s often the simple things that matter the most, so adding a few hints of luxury around your “new” bathroom will make a difference to how you feel. Candles can emit relaxing scents when you’re in the bath, or put reed diffusers in there to give off a fresh smell throughout the day. As you know, Beatitude is my top, top favourite bath oil – you feel as if you are at a luxurious spa in your own home.

Have you created a bathroom on a budget recently? I’d love to know your story so do leave a comment…


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