Indoor Kerb Appeal – the Hall

We all know about kerb appeal, the importance of a nice front door, a few pots and if you have a front garden, making it relate to the street prettily.

We have a long way to go but we have made a start with our maturing virginia creeper, collection of terracotta pots and decision to paint our front door and all our windows the beautiful Farrow & Ball shade, French Grey.

Your hall has to do the same job, welcome you, relate to the outside as well as the inside and hint at the rooms beyond. It is not a room we are used to throwing money at and inevitably ends up a bit of an afterthought, it sort of has to be the last room you do, because it is so easily damaged when you are working on other rooms, so, depressingly, you can get used to entering a rather unloved space and then when the time finally comes you have run out of money.

Do save some pennies though for this most important room. After all it is the first room that visitors see and just just as they say in job interviews, first impressions do count. I have heard you either get a job or you don’t in the first ten seconds??

We are very spoilt and get sent gorgeous goodies through our work, and we meet and get to know amazing designers. Our house is a semi-shrine to the the Glasgow fabric and wallpaper designer Natasha Marshall and we have used her classic ‘Plecrtum’ motif, liberally.

We have used the fabric for curtaining, in front of cupboards as well. Do excuse our linen cupboard – I pulled the curtain aside so that you could see what it was! We added ivory, linen side panels to the edge to add interest.

I love it so much, I think it is perfect for our 1970’s home, a decade we are particularly fond of in terms of architectural style.

When we saw this light from Modelight, an Italian lighting design company based in Edinburgh that supplies mail order as well, of course, we thought it was absolutely perfect, it echoes our beloved plectrum motif brilliantly.

Called Mr Magoo, your first sight of it when you walk up the stairs is intriguing but I think it is most beautiful lit up at night…

I love their range of contemporary Italian products, really worth looking at if you want to give your home a designer edge and an Italian twist. Well really, who wouldn’t?


3 thoughts on “Indoor Kerb Appeal – the Hall

  1. The Natasha Marshall wallpaper is very brace but absolutely pays off, even though you’re used so much; it’s a unique pattern but manages to be very subtle in practice, and the plectrum motif is small enough so as not to overwhelm. I love your use of round shapes inside very square rooms – they are very contrastingly soft and super modern – your home reminds me of the interiors of some Urban Outfitters shops which, trust me, is a compliment!

  2. Lovely post. As you mentioned, first impressions are everything and your first picture is quite beautiful. In Los Angeles you see a lot of bougainvillea climbing up walls (guilty), your red bottlebrush (i believe) is quite nice. Enjoyed the house tour and the interesting wallpaper.

  3. Gosh you are kind Sarah, I love Urban Outfitter shops, funnily enough, I understand they are owned by the same people who own Anthropolgie, secretly, I would prefer my home to be more like an Anthropologie store, but my husband is hugely involved as a home maker and I love him – so that says it all really!

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