Mindset and change

Does anyone else every now and then need a re-set? I am a very contented person on the whole, resistant to change, in fact, I fear change. When our children were little, we lived in a little house in Fairmilehead, I could not have been happier, we were surrounded by friends and the house was not on a street it was round a little green where our children played for hours with all the other children…

Me in my old kitchen!

I did not want to leave, but the house was tiny and Douglas was determined to find something better. He dragged me to Gullane – not quite kicking and screaming but to something new and, I could hardly believe it, yes, better…

There is nowhere more beautiful than Gullane Beach and our children had a wonderful childhood, and it should be over – our daughter has been studying in London which she has been loving and our son has graduated and is job hunting. But their childhood has been kind of frozen during Lockdown, and we have had this incredible time as a family, cooking and eating together, we have even set up a hoovering rota – go us!!

I know that change is afoot again though and I can feel my fears bubbling away again. One of my fears of course is that there will be no change and Lockdown will just last for ever – the words ‘the new normal’ are so not ‘music to my ears’… But of course, logically I can see that this virus is being better understood and more effectively treated every day and that things will change and I am slightly gripped by terror – pathetic I know!

Our old living room… lovely I know, but I think our new living room is better?

But surely life is all about change? Certainly good interior design is! My fears are something I definitely need professional help with – not full therapy – done that and I am honestly very happy deep down, I just need help navigating occasionally.

I am a fan of Victoria Jackson, author of the Manifestation Collective, an interiors blogger turned manifestation coach. She helps you learn to visualise your future positively. I hope that does not sound too weird? I run a business, with my husband, we have no security, no sick pay and we have brought up our children in these circumstances, with a big mortgage and all the usual trappings – two cars to run etc

We HAD to be positive… And sometimes it was really hard, but we did not really have a choice, neither of us are particularly the kind of people who could just ‘go and get a job’ if things went pear shaped… Instead we had to turn to self development, constantly learning and updating our business – gosh it’s been hard sometimes. We are not particularly 21st century kind of people, in fact our neighbours used to laugh at us and call us “Amish’ when our children would just run around and play, we were very resistant to PlayStations and gameboys as parents.

Anyway, if anyone else is feeling anything like me at the moment, a little lost or fearful about their business or work situation, do have a look at the course Victoria is offering, Abundance Academy It is a short course, very reasonably priced, aimed at small business owners, but it is equally valuable for anyone who feels stuck at work, in a 9-5 job. The principles she teaches can be applied to any area of your life by the way, relationships, bringing up children – there is no doubt for me that thinking positively genuinely yields results… It opens on the 1st August…

Curious what you think? Do you think positively? My husband worries sometimes that I am ‘too positive’ and bang on with things that are just not worth it!! Is there a balance to be struck? I think my positive approach is doing more for him and our business than he realises!!


2 thoughts on “Mindset and change

  1. I think we all have our worries about jobs, money and above all our health. Life is stressful and running your own business can be very hard at times. This for many has increased hugely through the pandemic with many sadly having their lives completely ruined.

    Having the right mindset is key though without this everything becomes much harder. Still working on my mindset as unlike you Alison my glass is always half empty. I think being positive is the only way and I need to work much harder at this. So yes keep doing what you’re doing the alternative doesn’t help 🙂

    1. Gosh Laura, I cannot believe that your glass is ‘always half empty’ – you are SUCH a support to me – I wonder whether you are doing too much for others and need to focus on yourself more? I will certainly take your advice and continue with my positive mindset if your really feel it is helpful and will try and support you in return as much as I can – cannot was for our ‘live’ interview on Instagram on Tuesday!!

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