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I am starting off 2015 by ‘looking ahead’…I think that is my mantra of the moment…


Love writing this blog and have great hopes for it, it is quite hard work though and I usually only manage one post a week – that is achievable for me as I have a lot of other work on and I do not rely on it totally for my income, but I would like to do more with it, so I might try and up the ante a bit and try and do a post TWICE a week! Woah – I know…steady on…I must not wear myself out – I’ll be no use to anyone!

I will start by listing my favourite blogs. I would like to acknowledge the influence, inspiration and kindness provided by some of my favourites.

Decor8 – Holly Becker really is the queen of interiors blogging – her incredible enthusiasm for design and the home knows no bounds. I have actually done a few of her courses on blogging and been overwhelmed by her support, encouragement and general information overload. The secret of her success is her total genuine-ness…

Designers Block, Di Overton is a brilliant designer and was so kind and helpful to me when I first started. I am sure she has forgotten our email exchange, but I treasured every word and followed her advice to the letter. I am still here two years later, so it must have been pretty good. Life has not been easy for Di for a while now as her partner has been unwell and she lost him to cancer late last year; but she is also still blogging: a testament to her strength of character and talent.

Style Files

Style Files, organised and ordered, this Dutch lady is clever! Danelle de Lange owns a beautiful home ware shop – Le Souk – a fabulous collection of mouth watering home goodies and she writes an inspiring blog, curating images of beautiful homes from all over the world, including her own.

A more recent find for me and one I am delighted by is Landscape Nature Birds by artist Leo Du Feu, who also happens to be a good friend of my nephew. I love his work and his blog – a compelling account of his fascination for nature and his, always successful, attempts to capture it on paper.

Terrible Real Estate Agents Photos is a natural draw… Much better than those terrible Yummy Mummy blogs that are written by mothers to impossibly cute, matching children, with breath-taking homes and husbands who just look soooo wonderful you just feel utterly depressed after a couple of paragraphs – NO this blog will make you feel much better about yourself and your home.

Living room with fireplace

Isn’t that fireplace gorgeous?

I also quite like Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table Luckily for me, nothing I have ever done in my house would merit an image on that blog, but it has to be said that there are one or two things that Doug has done which might be worth sending them…

wire basket bedside table with inspection lamp

Oh yeah… F**k Your Wire Basket Bedside Table With Inspection Lamp…

And of course, last but not least, fellow bloggers who I have got to know and have become personal friends of mine, you know who you are: Laura Thomas Linens and Hege in France…clever, clever girls, both much more ‘on-trend’ than me, more selective and have a strong, contemporary look to their blogs. If you are quick, you will be able to enter Hege’s #Mood Board Challenge…so lovely!


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