My lighting wish list

I believe that lighting makes a house a home. I suffered from migraines in the past and harsh lighting makes it impossible for me to relax in the evening, however grand or opulent someone’s home might be, delicious the food or plentiful the drink, if the lighting is not right, you just feel as if you are undergoing a police interrogation of an evening. Soft gentle lighting, is a complete contrast: it is so welcoming and atmospheric and is possible on even the most minimal budgets. You do need to think outside the box a little bit, but honestly there are so many tricks.

A bundle of fairy lights in a fireplace, or draped over a fun artwork is such a winner on a summers evening and fairy lights can be strung up all over the place actually, inside or outside, the option of a battery powered or a solar powered string of lights really is perfect for the garden.

Threading a string of lights through the olive tree on my doorstep is definitely on my to-do list.

And as a table decoration – obviously all you need to do is grab some greenery – either from your garden, or a local park if you live in a flat and casually spread it around – do watch out for insects – I live in the country and I do find that my garden scavenging can allow some unwanted guests in, but cleverly weave a string of fairy lights through it, place some candles and  your invited guests will never leave – could be a problem? Don’t worry just switch on a few harsh pendant lights when you feel it is your bedtime and they will have found a taxi in seconds!

I have two, new, little great nephews born recently and I will definitely be popping a couple of these in the post – certain to send me straight to the top of most adored great aunt league table.

And draping a string of fairy lights across the back of your bed must make it so easy to find and impress a new partner – I have to confess to being a little out of touch with the dating scene but I honestly think that anyone who had a string of these behind them would be married and onto planning the  christening by the end of the night.

Festive Lights have a fabulous range of unusual and affordable fairy lights in stock and have also released some advice on trends for 2018 do have a look!


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