Office Furniture – Home and Work

When I was approached by fab Glagow based company Furniture At Work to write about my office chair, I could not resist – home and work are two of my greatest passions. I literally jump out of bed in the morning to get to my desk… race through breakfast and my incredibly brief exercise routine to get there and indulge in my writing… plus, of course, a few coffees and snacks along the way! I was asked a while ago and I said ‘no problem’, visualising a wee tidy, even a bit of styling and a sort of fashion/ hair/ make up session, soft lighting, resulting in a moody, pastel study of ‘me at work’…. A fortnight later and errr…guess what – I still had not quite got round to my imaginary office/desk styling session.

Here I am though – happy as anything, knee deep in work. I do know bloggers who have immaculate desks, covered in gorgeous stationery. Do they do any actual work though??? I am afraid they do – they are just naturally a lot more ordered and beautiful than me…

They would probably have an office chair a bit like this – a ‘Pretty in Pink’ kneeling chair. Neat eh? Cool and healthy. I also do lots of work, I have to say, on my, I think, rather ‘Gwyneth style’ Pilates ball, I like burying myself in it – and I do want gorgeous stationery – honestly, I am just not sure where I would put it…?


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