Our old house

Our old house was a lot smaller than our current home – I had no complaints though – we were terribly happy there – because of the minimal square meterage, we could afford to make it exactly as we wanted it, splash out on expensive flooring for the minute hall… ‘Completion’ was not a problem – turn around and it was finished – marvellous!

living dining





We had a lot of fun with the kids rooms…I must have had so much time??

Children's rooms

I painted a mural in my son’s room…



and for both children, I created a large, framed collage of their playgroup daubings (I mean masterpieces…!)

Our house was near Sainsburys, a favourite shop still and their interiors stuff has really taken off. I never resolved one of the living room sofas: throws had to be permanently stapled onto a lumpy second hand effort, if only I had seen their ‘Portobello sofa’ in Aubergine…it would have been such a perfect finishing touch and such a reasonable price.

This is a sponsored post provided on behalf of Sainsbury’s. With a great sofa range and furniture available online, they have everything you need to put your personal stamp on a property however large or small.


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