Picture It Before You Paint It…

The Dulux Visualizer App is a decorating tool that allows you to virtually paint your walls in hundreds of shades and see the result instantly, before you actually buy any paint.

The hope is that we will all be a little bit more adventurous with our choices, knowing what the result will be in advance. You really can try any colour you want, however wacky, if it looks nice you will feel much more confident about going ahead.


Ombre anyone?


To try out similar mouth-watering combinations in your own home, just pick up your phone, go to the iTunes store, or Google Play, search Dulux Visualizer, it comes up immediately – and download it for free. It honestly takes seconds; if an old lady like me can do this, anyone can!

Once uploaded, select the App, launch the visualizer, take a photograph of the room you wish to decorate and get started! If you are unsure about your choice, you can send a selection to a friend and get their opinion!


You can virtually paint your walls in hundreds of shades and see the results instantly.
You can pick a colour from anywhere and match it to the nearest Dulux colour – you will be surprised how clever you will get. There are several suggested colour schemes to help complete a look, from seaside to country to urban – all lovely. Try Travels in Colour – 3 simplified and coordinated palettes that give you the confidence you need to create beautiful results.



It is great fun actually and free! Inspiring and time saving, unless, of course, you become addicted to it and lose hours and hours to it – oops!! Seriously, it should help you make a decision, and it is so instant and quick, it will encourage you to be bolder!



1 thought on “Picture It Before You Paint It…

  1. I love the ombre idea! It makes the old dado rail seem quite quaint, but I wonder if I could pull it off without looking like I got bored halfway through the job! Anyway, I’ve started my own home style blog: http://myonedayhome.blogspot.com/ and love looking for new places for inspiration! Please do drop by for a chat!

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