Regional variations

Don’t go thinking that the only things affected by these mysterious forces are the weather and sometimes, heartbreakingly, the TV schedule. No, Wayfair, a favourite furniture supplier has amazingly discovered that every region in the UK prefers a different interiors style. Who would have thought??

Apparently Scotland leans towards scandi-cool style as Scottish customers ordered 44% more Nordic-inspired products than anywhere else in the past year? I am amazed! Or am I? Scots are a sophisticated bunch and we have an incredible architectural heritage – jaw dropping – just look up next time you are in any Scottish city. I do have a lot of scandi, pared back friends, the living room above belongs to my lovely friend and seriously talented designer and stylist Anna Baltzer… She is actually Swedish, but I am very fortunate that she lives very near me! Depicted below with her gorgeous chihuahua.

Plus the wonderful Laura Thomas of course who sells a carefully edited collection of coastal clothes and homeware…

Image above by the brilliant Helen Pugh Photography

There is a leading Scottish blogger Deborah Gordon, of Ollie & Sebs Haus, below, who is more Scandinavian than anyone inside or outside Scandinavia –

Deborah, honestly,  just blows the whole boxed set out of the window!

However, in the Scottish design scene maximilists abound, Fiona Cameron writer of Around the Houses is queen of glam/boho in my opinion – she can turn junk into treasure in less than five minutes.

Liz Nylon another eclectic goddess, she sent me the image above, of her living room, it is becoming seriously famous on Instagram! Plus, last, but not least, Mairi Helena, below, a textile designer who has translated her love of Scottish scenery – the further up the west coast the better –  into dazzling velvet fabrics and stunning wallpapers.

If  you live in the Scotland, it would be great for you to join the discussion and let me know if you agree with these findings? If not, what is your interior style and how do you like to decorate your home? Please comment below… very curious! is also offering all UK shoppers a chance to win £1,000 at when they share how they’re styling their home on Instagram. Tag @wayfairuk and #stylebyregion to enter; contest ends on May 14, 2018, terms & conditions apply. Determined to win this!!!



6 thoughts on “Regional variations

  1. Interesting! I find nearly all my customers want Colour. Maybe a soft neutral on the walls but they definitely want to add an injection of colour for their furnishings and window dressings.

  2. It can be a real mix, my clients who are styling for the market are swayed (by me I suppose!) for more greys and Scandi but those who are using the design service are happy with an injection of colour but normally with a neutral background – very difficult to analysis !

  3. Thanks for including me in your post! Funny enough my revamp bathroom is a cool relaxing Scandi vibe! That lasted for 6 months then I added bright perky Cole & Son wallpaper to give it an eclectic twist . I love seeing regional interpretations by wayfair – it’s really interesting!

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