Scandinavian v Scottish Style – a comparison

My blog is about Scottish interiors, style and design…..I have inadvertently spent the majority of my adult life writing about it and promoting it, even though I am not actually Scottish (!) I just happily live here….I am, of course, a huge fan of Scandinavian style and design as well….

I love Marianne Lambeth’s beautiful blog ‘Nordic Bliss’ – and was delighted when she got in touch with me to say:

‘I am really enjoying the blog. It is very big contrast to Scandinavian but also very lovely!’

We had the following dialogue… I replied, saying: ‘Scottish interiors are different to Scandinavian aren’t they?’

She replied, saying:

‘Scandinavians are often a bit more minimalistic. Often have very white walls and few colours.

Scottish seems to be more rock and brick. Loads of textiles in rustic yellow/red. I’m thinking fire place, wood, knits, and enamel – although these are all staples of the Country Scandinavian style, the Scottish does it with more colours than we would usually use.

I think what is considered “Scandinavian” outside Scandinavia is very limited compared to the trends and style of actual Scandinavians, for example the country Scandinavian style that is so popular at the moment: But when you say Scandinavian style most people think Georg Jensen, Marimekko, etc’ she explained.
‘What do you think the main difference is?’ she then asked me, ‘what do you think Scandinavian Style is? It is interesting to hear how people think differently.’

I replied: ‘To me, in Scandinavian interiors, everything is painted white – walls floors, furniture……then they use black as an accent…

or cream, with red as an accent…possibly a more traditional solution….

Whereas in Scotland, we are much more likely to have natural wooden floors with colourful rugs and curtains and then, more natural wooden furniture…not everyone would paint their furniture or floors….

Scandinavians seem to crave light, whereas Scottish people want to be cosy!

Interesting thoughts! And thank you to both the Hendry family and the Clements, for sharing her lovely, cosy, Scottish homes!


2 thoughts on “Scandinavian v Scottish Style – a comparison

  1. I seem to remember Peter Cook warning that seeking the “Englishness of English Architecture” as pursued by Pevsner and others was “a great big trap”…and while I found your blog interesting with some lovely photographs, I am not convinced that there is such a thing as a “Scottish Style”, or a Swedish one, for that matter…different architects and designers produce different things for different clients. I attach a couple of photos of two project recently completed by us on the West coast…possibly they say more about our architectural concerns of light and space rather than any inherently Scottish tradition, although they do both take advantage of spectacular views.

    Well, I would attach the photos if I knew how to do it, doesn’t seem as simple as doing it in an email!

    Robin Webster, cameronwebsterarchitects

  2. I write a blog on scottish home style and I love to curate beautiful household things I’d have in my own home and I often find that the Scandi style really complements touches of Scottish. I would never go to too much of one thing or another but balance instead. The trick in my mind is to maximise the light while keeping it cosy and not too stark with all white or all darks etc.

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