Scaramanga Xmas

I realise I am always going on about these people, but some companies just really fire up my imagination. This is the kitchen in the owners home –

There is so much to love about this room – the colourful cupboards, the original Coolio pendant lights. I honestly think a trip to their destination business, the Scaramanga Shop, either in person, to their warehouse in Fife, or online, could transform your home.

So many people need a starting point. This is why I designed my Interior Design Toolkit actually, to help people decide on their style and just get on with it. So many people play safe with their interior. I am always seeing freshly decorated homes where folk are too scared to hang any artworks because they fear damaging the gorgeous fresh decor!

Buying a stunning distressed vintage piece of furniture that you absolutely love from Scaramanga will solve this problem immediately – bang it’s there. Suddenly you will will have a colour scheme and a style that you can work with. Imagine how much character you could inject into your home with this beautiful antique Indian door –

It might be a relatively subdued, industrial piece, like this vintage metal locker cabinet


Or it might be a great big ornate blue antique door!!

Whatever you choose, you can be certain that your home will be different from your neighbours! They also sell beautiful bags and fashion gifts, you will definitely find something in their beautiful gift guide for loved ones.


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