Short of space?

Before we moved to Gullane and bought our forever home, we lived in a lovely but pretty tiny house in Edinburgh. We were able to do it up very nicely because it was so small our materials costs were almost zero – charcoal sisal in the hall? No problem, we only needed one square metre! We found a fabulous way to save space was to make as many doors as possible sliding… Our kitchen here in Gullane is a galley kitchen and pretty generous as a breakfasting kitchen but it is a bit tight.

So what did we do? After a few years of living in a much smaller house, we knew the answer – a sliding door!

If I ever have the time or the money to rip my house apart I would definitely use these space enhancing beauties more, but I would go one step further and I would use pocket doors

Clever, clever, clever solutions.

I particularly like the ultra minimal solution above, with no architrave: clean and contemporary: simply wall/door/wall…

Glass doors make stunning entrances and are a great way of keeping the whole house light.

Acid etched glass keep ensuites discreet.

When we first moved in to what has become our forever home, we stored our furniture and lived with granny and grandad for a couple of weeks and took the time to strip all the floorboards and paint the house white, we lived in the house happily for a couple of years and then did up one room at a time, resulting in a lovely, but slightly staggered result!

If I had my time again, I would move in with granny and grandad for a couple of months – strip all the wallpaper, remove all the archirtaves and skirtings, plaster the walls and ceilings and install as many pocket doors as possible. I would also paint the floorboards pale grey. You would have a stunning backdrop for your chosen decor and more space for furniture and artwork



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