Table Top Firebowls

A very important warning.

Many people have bought these attractive home and garden heat sources.

Friends of ours were sat around the table on a Friday night just a few weeks ago and were refilling the firebowl with a bottle of bioethanol fluid. They thought it had cooled sufficiently but it had not, there may have even been a tiny invisible flame flickering, which caused a very rare explosion called Flame Jetting and their daughter, Grace, was set on fire.

Fortunately beautiful Grace is going to heal completely, it is going to take some time and obviously she had a massive fright. Her face is in a lot better condition already but she is still recovering and coming to terms with whats happened.

Luckily it was a quiet family evening and not a teenage party and Grace’s parents and brother managed to put the flames out quickly, get her into a cold shower (which was very important) and call an ambulance. She was taken to A&E and then transferred to St Johns Burns unit where she spent 10 days. It was utterly traumatic and the whole incident took 10 seconds.

Grace has decided that it is very important that this is shared as much as possible, especially with winter coming as we all like to make our houses cosy with nice candles, thats why they bought it in the first place.

She is terrified that this should happen to anyone else which is why she wants this story shared and these photos shared. This incredibly brave young lady has asked me to put this post out to warn everyone of the dangers of TABLETOP FIREBOWLS and most importantly how volatile the Bioethanol fluid is.

Obviously the family have had a lot of love and TLC sent their way and would like to thank everyone for all of their support. I am trying to spread this message as I believe these are popular products and we are all going to be cosying in at home a lot over the next few months, so please be warned.


1 thought on “Table Top Firebowls

  1. Oh my gosh Alison!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing – we had been thinking of getting a fire pit along these lines next summer.
    Please pass on my very best to Grace for a speedy recovery. What a nightmare for them all. So, soo sorry to read this, but again thank you for sharing.
    All the best,

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