Tell me why I don’t like Mondays…?

Excellent meeting recently with interior designer, Sally Homan,

Doug and I were both really impressed by Sally’s passion for design and her knowledge of trends.

Here are the images from the shoot, from one of her projects, that was ultimately commissioned, I am not sure what day it was on in the end…..

So pretty…

The point of the meeting was to arrange a further meeting for her and Doug at the property above and she suggested a date and a time on a Monday. I said to Doug ‘that’s fine isn’t it – you don’t like doing shoots on Mondays?’

Doug’s eyebrows radically changed shape and he replied ‘Pardon? I do like doing shoots on Mondays’

I said ‘Do you?’ ….. He said ‘Yes I do!’

After the lovely Sally left, Doug said ‘I do wish you hadn’t said that thing about my not liking doing shoots on Mondays!! At best Sally is going to think I am a complete layabout….at worst…I hate to think??!’

Oh dear….

The reality is that I don’t think anyone likes Mondays particularly and Doug does do shoots on Mondays, but his IDEAL week is meetings on Mondays…shoot on Tuesday, process Tuesday’s shoot on Weds…shoot on Thursday, process Thursday’s shoot on Friday and that is quite enough work for one week….it does not always work out like that but that is the ideal!


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