The Middle Class Home – have you got one?

I have learnt two new words in the last 24 hours: ‘Papple’ and ‘Gilver’

‘Papple’, Douglas learnt on Radio 4, is a new fruit that has been developed a mixture of an apple and a pear – sounds delicious!

‘Gilver’ is a mixture of gold and silver…an expression that would be typically applied to a particlarly glistening style of interior design. I am sure we have all come across people who cannot decide whether they prefer gold or silver, so go on to decorate their homes in deliciously, shimmery mixture of both!

But are these people middle class? This was an issue examined in depth in last night’s In The Best Possible Taste a brilliant documentary on Channel 4, by Grayson Perry, the Turner-Prize winning ceramicist.

I cannot stop chuckling to myself about his hilarious observations of our mad preoccupations with things like Cafetieres and our desire to be INDIVIDUAL!!

A lovely lady, that he interviewed, was terribly pleased with herself, because she had bought some china in a junk shop, plonked it in her living room, only to see it, a few months later in a feature in LIVING Etc!!

She could not have been happier if she had given birth to her first child!!

You will notice that I did use the word ‘our’ above: despite being brought up in slightly straitened circumstances, in that my parents were divorced and my mum, particularly, struggled financially, I am still a fully paid up member of the middle class…I am not particularly proud of this and actually have very mixed feelings of some resentment that my parents were not more ‘properly’ middle class: Mum did not own her flat, she did not have a car…my childhood in London W2 was fun, but far from from the cosy suburban idyll, that a lot of my friends enjoyed. But I also feel very proud that my parents had other interests and were not caught in the incredible money + time trap that a beautiful home and fabulous car ownership can entail – they went out, they had parties and it did not matter if anything got spilt because it was all a bit tatty anyway!

Does it matter anyway…is happiness a full cafetiere? I don’t think so…although I do have to confess, that I find it quite hard keeping up friendships with people who cannot offer me a choice of tea!


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