The Sofa Question

Over and over again Doug and I see beautiful homes, beautiful spaces, but very often the sofa is not quite right! The sofa dominates the living room and dictates how it feels, it deserves some careful thought.

‘Dated but comfy’ is a common problem, as is ‘not being able to afford the exact sofa you would really like, so making do with one handed down from Auntie June when she finally moved into a home in 1997’…


Yes, you can do a cover up job with throws and yes, that can be pretty, but inevitably the result will seem temporary.

All that is required here is a little bit of commitment: scouring eBay and secondhand shops for a bargain is one option, alternatively, saving up and shelling out for one you really want might be what’s needed.

If your home is small, a very neat solution would be a range of small sofa beds that I have come across recently: Nabru’s small sofas offer really stylish options that will fit seamlessly into almost any interior.


A colourful or textural throw can then be a beautiful ‘accent’ on a small, neutral sofa. You do not need to spend a fortune, but what a relief that you are no longer having to go through that massive throw ‘shake out’ whenever the doorbell rings!


Use cushions to complement your other soft furnishings such as curtains and rugs. This can really help bring your design together and make your living room feel more cohesive. Don’t go too ‘matchy matchy’, just make sure that you make similar style choices within a room: vaguely coastal, or similarly dark and dramatic… cushions, rugs and curtains do NOT have to be ALL RED or ALL BLUE to work!!


Like cushions, rugs can act as a vibrant and colourful addition to a room. A cheaper and easier alternative to re-carpeting, a well-designed rug can add character and personality to your living room with minimal outlay.


Finally, a fireplace is a perfect focal point in a living room, providing a great spot for displaying ornaments, artworks and family photographs, you can utilise your fireplace and mantelpiece to truly personalise your living room.

To conclude, replacing or updating your sofa you can completely resolve the look of your whole home. Some well chosen cushions, a sumptuous throw and a rug that provides the perfect finishing touch – you’ll end up with a fantastic space for you and your family and friends to luxuriate!


1 thought on “The Sofa Question

  1. Good post! I am amazed how many people buy supersize and rather unstylish sofas for their smallish living rooms. Yes, they are comfy and nice to relax on, but does it really have to be a big corner sofa?!
    I recently got rid of my hubby’s well loved big fat leather sofa and replaced it with a vintage, understated and very slim-line Danish one. Hubby still complains it is uncomfortable (which it isn’t, you just can’t lounge on it like a bag of potatoes!), but I love the way it is finally in proportion with our modest square living room and blends in with the room rather than dominates it. Unfortunately the mainstream furniture stores seem to sell mostly overpowering big sofas which the majority of customers tend to squeeze into their houses.

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