Wallpaper in the kitchen?

This is an absolutely surefire way to add individuality to a kitchen. Is your kitchen chosen on a budget? Or one that is already there and you cannot afford to change? Leave it and splurge on some gorgeous wallpaper instead.

Imagine being able to enjoy some of these designs from Cole & Son while you were cooking up the supper?

You will need a splash back though. You can order clear perspex sheet online effortlessly, just type in the dimensions you require, a polished edge can be requested and holes for fixing – gosh is it good value compared to glass: less than half the price… and much easier to wield and handle…

I got the idea from this guy, Tom Kitchin, Michelin starred Edinburgh restauranteur, TV chef and author, when we photographed his family home. Tom and his Swedish wife and business partner, Michaela live and breathe cooking, food and interiors: an inspirational kitchen is an essential for them, they have four little boys to feed!

They added the iconic Brooklyn Tin Tiles from Rockett st George behind their splash back to great effect. It turns a kitchen into a living space in my opinion.

Another easy update to an existing kitchen is Aluminium. If you want to give a table, chair, wall or anything else a metallic finish, then you might like to coat it in aluminum. It’s a lot cheaper than actually purchasing things made of metal and it will look very good.


1 thought on “Wallpaper in the kitchen?

  1. I love the Tom Kitchin pictures (by name, by nature); it really works for that image but I feel it would be tough to tell what any domestic kitchen, perhaps in a two-up-two-down, would look like. Kitchin’s work because they look like tiles somewhat, but I think other patterns are achievable with thought. I feel it’s not a more common occurrence because people seem to be convinced that kitchens aren’t worthy of the personal touch, perhaps because they sell best as blank canvases. but if you’re invested in living in your home for many more years, this is an original idea that could really work.

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