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I keep reading about wallpaper at the moment – it is just so ‘in’ and the wilder and wackier the better it would seem. It is a great way to add individuality to your home.

I have also been reading about trend predictions for 2018, errr yeah, I think it’s that time of year, both for sitting around reading and for trend predictions! Notable suggestions include ‘Punk’, ‘health and wellbeing’, rough textures and finishes, and ‘Baroque’ – just to completely mix it all up. That is why I truly believe that there is a definitely going to be a place for glitter this year. Glitter wallpaper from Taskers tick a lot of those boxes.¬†Glitter is punky in a kind of ‘Barbie goes punk’ kind of way; it certainly is rough and is it Baroque? Of course – Baroque styling is all about breaking rules and unpredictability. All the images I have included of highly patterned wallpaper show artwork displayed on it – something I am quite scared of doing , but it does work, so go for it – be bold, don’t be too precious.

Choices available from Taskers include dramatic Damask designs – ideal for the Baroque lovers among us and much more subtle contemporary styles for those with more understated preferences, for whom ‘less is definitely more’. Calm, minimal interiors rely on a bit of extra thought to the finishes. If you are not going to use colour, pattern and texture are both essential in pale and interesting decor schemes and a little bit of sparkle can really ¬†lift them and make them work, summer or winter. The glitter wallpapers from Taskers come in a range of plain whites, creams and taupes but saturated with subtle glitter. For something completely different there are some contemporary graphic, glittery patterns available as well.

I know that accent walls can be a great compromise both for home owners on a budget with expensive tastes and for couples where one wants to go for it in terms of styling but the other half is more restrained – just go mad on one wall – save pounds and your partners sanity.

However, at the end of the day, I also believe that compromises should be banned in interior design… so actually, if you like something – go for it and worry about the money in your next life and tell your partner to butt out – it’s your living room or bedroom even, and if they don’t like it they can move back into their parents home (usually works that threat!)

Enjoy the trends for 2018 – but don’t be a slave to them – I could not be happier because the Pantone colour of the year is Ultra Violet – my all time favourite – but I won’t be painting the whole house purple – just a little bit will do! The punk prediction is led by the trend for activism – also known as the Westwood effect, Vivienne Westwood, the godmother of punk is encouraging us all to display messages on clothes, walls and social media… Healthy interior design might include living more co-operatively in shared spaces and sharing resources to help make homes and luxurious additions more affordable. Rough textures could include salvaged materials that remain unfinished. All fantastic ideas to give your home a fresh edge and renewed originality.


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