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Flowers are one of the most vital tools of my trade, as crucial on a photoshoot as lunch and biscuits, so I was delighted to be invited by Bloom & Wild to the recent Edinburgh Gossip Girls (EGG) event, a flower arranging masterclass by the amazing Nikki Tibbles.

Nikki was one of those responsible for the reinvention of the art of floristry, turning it into something cool and edgy in the early 1990s. I was enthralled by the story of the growth of her business, Wild At Heart  it reminded me of the transformation of the hairdressing trade: I can remember going to a new hairdresser, back in the day and they would always pull a face and despairingly ask ‘who cut this last?’ That no longer happens: the hairdressing profession has had a massive update and clients expect real design input on a visit to a salon, as you do on a trip to a florist.

She visited Edinburgh with Bloom & Wild with whom she is currently collaborating, who have similarly updated the experience of mail order flowers: seasonal stems can be delivered through your letterbox as a gift and the recipient has the joy of artfully arranging them. The options designed by Nikki are particularly dramatic of course.

Not a little daunted by the demonstration by the incredible team that had travelled up from London, I tried my best – honestly.

I was very despondent to realize that my final bouquet was, well, pretty rubbish, ‘it does stand up’ my kind neighbour, Kirsten, jewellery designer 14Ten tried to reassure me.

Hers was beautiful of course: I think my problem might have been that I was attending an EGG event and the many of the other attendees were very young and glamorous girls about town, like Kirsten, of course…

And Sally and Rosanna, of Coffee and Cake fame: The Counter and Grace & Co respectively, to whom pulling off a fabulous hand tie was simply effortless. Check them out – all amazing, but the fact that theirs were so fantastic slightly upset me, if I am honest.

One of the Bloom & Wild team came to my rescue though and basically did it for me, so I was very grateful.

Note to self: must try harder.

We had a wonderful time though, there is absolutely no doubt about that.

And I did go home with this!

Next EGG event I will arrive straight from a bath, rather than straight from a shoot, I had been working all day and squeezed in a lovely but very clock watch-y supper with a friend at the glorious G&V hotel – it was fabulous, but all a bit much actually…

Next time… next time… Can’t wait!





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