Limos, Leis and Keepsake Boxes

It is the end of term here in Scotland…the start of summer (??!!)

Our daughter left primary school today in a blaze of celebrations that seemed to go on all week.

Limos picked them all up for a whizz around the coast one day…

The PTA threw a ‘Hawaiian style party’ for the leavers that evening…which was ambitious in the pouring rain, Eva’s teacher, Mr Adamson, knowledgeably pointed out that this weather is actually very ‘tropical’…true, apart from the fact that it is freezing as well!

Here are Doug, Eva & I bravely venturing out for an evening of Hula dancing, cheese and pineapple on sticks and indoor canoeing races to the theme tune of Hawaii Five 0 (everyone officially stone cold sober!?)

Today, they were piped out by Mr Adamson….we were all expecting an amazing, uplifting moment…the rest of the school formed an arch…ready to clap them all through, but they all came out in tears…

The Passing Out Parade

The beach picnic was called off due to the rain, instead, we took all the kids to the local pool, where they had a great time, while the drained parents had a coffee!

In my next post, I will be looking at Keepsake boxes!


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