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When I was a mother of small children I went to lots of ‘Mother and Toddler’ groups. I would not say ‘I learnt how to parent’ at these groups, but I certainly learnt a lot about parenting and small children. Now I run a small business, I have found myself attending business groups with similar reliance and enthusiasm.

Business group

I learnt to run our business, a subject I have absolutely no qualifications in, by training as a teacher – learning how to teach Art and design to a class of teenagers gives you plenty that you need to know to set up a company of any size I assure you!

But you can always benefit from learning more – let’s face it – Andy Murray still has tennis lessons, unfortunately so does Novak Djokovic… 🙁

At one point I belonged to a Business Breakfast group, I had to do a weekly presentation – just one minute a week and occasionally a ten minute slot – obviously this was something I had to learn to rustle up at teacher training college, but it was very good to re-cap on this skill 15 years later.

I now belong to ‘Juggle club’ my beloved group of fellow ‘Mumpreneurs’, in our village. We all had a days ‘Search Engine Optimisation consultancy, courtesy of East Lothian Council, from a Search Engine optimisation consultant and he encouraged us all to meet and swap notes and hey ho, ‘Juggle Club’ was born.

We meet once every couple of months and we are made up of Laura Thomas Linens, Beatitude Oils, Lettings of Distinction and Spice Pots. All brilliant business-women with a lot of experience to share.

Spice Pot

Spice Pots – feel like a curry, but don’t want to stoop to a carry out? You can do better than a jar – no-one likes them really… Buy a spice pot and make one of Mel’s curries, they are amazing… my son walked in after a night out and was convinced that he had missed out on a carry out!

Bed & Breakfast

Lettings of Distinction – anyone living along our coastline who has a beautiful home should definitely get in touch, Sarah can offer you the opportunity to rent out your home for a relatively high fee because she provides a concierge service of a very high standard. The fees she can command could pay for a luxury holiday for yourself elsewhere…makes sense doesn’t it?

Bath Oils

Beatitude oils are part of my life now. I have long given up on cheap cosmetics – why ladle crap onto your skin, when you could ladle goodness? Rebecca’s oils are nothing but the best, they do not have preservatives in them, they are not stored in plastic, they come in beautiful glass bottles, and are made up of only the purest ingredients, imparting a feeling of well being whilst activating real repair on your skin: the result is a perceptible, enviable glow.

Laura Thomas

Laura Thomas Linens, mentioned in my last post about bedrooms, Laura’s linens are gorgeous, crisp and white and will beautify your bedroom. I felt a bit shirty when I first heard about Laura: she designs her linens herself and is absolutely passionate about homes and interiors and, you guessed it – she writes a blog about interiors! Hmmm, was there room in our small village for two interiors bloggers?? I didn’t think so and planned her demise immediately. Slightly anti-climactically, when we actually met, at the first Juggle club we really clicked and realised we had a lot in common and have encouraged and supported each other ever since… so she lives on.


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  1. Love the blog Alison! You forgot to mention that at our Juggle Club we drink lots of wine and generally the conversation seems to get richer as the night progresses!!! Funny that.

    Seriously though, the Club is a tonic every month or so. Who needs gin?


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