Sophie Robinson

Have had a fab couple of days hanging out at the Life & Style Show in Edinburgh’s George street, with fellow design enthusiasts/anoraks: textile designer, Mairi Helena and artist, Tessa MacGregor, soaking up fashion, beauty and interior goodies. The Highlight, apart from being filmed and interviewed at the end, which was very flattering, had to be broadcaster and all round interiors supremo, Sophie Robinson‘s talk on ‘Interior Design Crimes’

Sophie straight up admitted that she had been given the brilliant title, by the organisers, but boy did she rise to the subject.

Starting off with the horrific crime of ‘being boring’. Oh dear, I think we can all be a bit guilty of that; she went on to suggest suitable penalties for errant ‘feature walls’, explaining that they are now ‘dated’ and can leave the rest of the room looking dangerously, dare I say it, dull, in comparison. I recall that ‘adding a moulding’ was one suggestion for correcting this particular offence, in that it ‘contains the feature’ and offers continuity, helpfully, linking it with the rest of the room.

Gosh clever stuff, I marvelled at how pacey and funny she was, with no notes, just sheer, undiluted, passion for her craft.

Other crimes included high pendant lights, yellow bedrooms and finally, the bane of my husband’s life: TVs above fireplaces. I personally think the only fitting sentence for that is 150 hours of enforced creativity: embroidery or making things out of papier mache with either your own or other people’s children.

I was determined to ask her a question about a very first world problem of mine – what to do about our very long, narrow living room, which badly needs re-decorating.

‘Help Sophie’ I asked, ‘is the only solution to re-paint it white?’ ‘Certainly not’ she answered, especially as she feels painting rooms white is another crime. No, she felt that as I have large windows at either end of my living room, I should enliven the curtains. A brilliant suggestion: currently they are a pale green linen, which, although lovely, slightly, disappear. Changing them for something warmer and bolder certainly would bring the ends of the room forward and allow the long side walls to retreat a bit and enable us to possibly paint them a rather more interesting colour than white.

Afterwards I plucked up the courage to say hello and she was so friendly and happy to chat, I humbly admitted that I am not really a big viewer of Interior Design TV programmes, despite the fact that she regularly presents them – but I assure you that is history now – now that Sophie and I have struck up, dare I say it, a friendship, I shall, for ever more be glued, but NOT I promise, to a TV above the fireplace.

Our lovely mutual friend Emily from The Pink House very kindly took this photo of us, looking, we both felt, rather co-ordinated, before launching herself and Sophie into an ‘Instagram Story’ together…

Which is something I am afraid I do not quite understand, but I promise, once Project Living Room is complete, I will definitely try and work out.

Artist, Tessa MacGregor, on the right, can be seen here chatting to one of the stylists at Anthropologie

Mairi Helena and I learning about Danish design at the Bo Concept stand

And the final stop, errr and actually, the first stop as well…

There was also a Cocktail class’ where we learned about a marvellous cocktail made with Irn Bru and I am afraid I can’t really remember anything else about it…


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