A must-not-miss event in the Gullane year is the Gullane Beach Triathlon…
When we first moved here we wandered down to the beach one sunny evening and could see lots of fuss going on…curious, we asked someone who looked vaguely official and he explained that they were preparing for a triathlon the next morning…We raced down the next morning at 8am, children in tow to witness a most wonderful spectacle…hundreds of swimmers being led by a piper across the sand dunes…

Then, jumping into the sea when the horn blew.

Doug has taken part every year since….he does it as part of a team, he does the swim and two friends, Gary Hitchen and Stuart Spinks do the cycle and run…slightly easier of course (I mean being in a team…would I ever suggest that the swim is in any way harder than the cycle or the run?? Never of course!) but they make good times between them and have twice won a prize for 2nd male team!!

A keen interest in long distance swimming has ensued on Doug’s part, and he has taken part in various similar events. This summer he is entering The Big Scottish Swim at Elie as well…1 mile…a charity event.

Please click on the link below to sponsor if you can…Sue Ryder is a very worthy cause and I know we are all asked all the time for sponsor money, but even a small amount is really appreciated. And I have to say a lot of people do walk, cycle, run…all quite pleasant…swimming a mile in the North Sea is a teensy, teensy bit braver than going for a walk or a bike ride…No?


Anyone interested in entering this years GBT or any athletic event, visit Entry Central…another Gullane resident’s internet business – marvellous – Hello Ian!! xx


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