Vision Board Workshop

I did something very powerful recently, I went on a Vision Board Workshop. Led by psychologist, Emma Calvert aka Miss Manifestation

Miss Manifestation

I knew I would enjoy it. I have always visualised and have written things down that I want, in black marker, on a white board above my desk for a while now and I always get them – scary! I can remember Madonna saying ‘be careful what you want because you might get it’…

I went with my team that I sell French clothes with, my Captain Tortue buddies.

We all got terribly involved, you could have heard a pin drop… Not like us I assure you!

We started with a guided meditation and shared our aims and got stuck in

collage collage

We shared again at the end and we were surprised by our realisations and our new found priorities. It was moving and poignant for everyone.

I have since had a burst of courage, thanks to Emma, combined with a deep sense of trust. I feel slightly manic, if I am honest, like a bi-polar sufferer on a high, but more relaxed. I have a strong desire to get things done and a feeling of sustainable energy that I know will help me.


Here it is, pinned to the back of my dressing room door

I am feeling utterly inspired and have had a couple of unpleasant, sharply anxious moments as well, which I have resolved, I think, quite effectively. Bring it on!!

In another post I will talk you through it.


2 thoughts on “Vision Board Workshop

  1. Wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing!

    I genuinely believe that you get as much out of this process as you put in and you demonstrate that openness and willingness to tap into what lies beneath. When we can access those parts of ourselves that otherwise go unexpressed in their full creative way, we open the door to receiving much more.

    Thank you for your depth of sharing on the day and for your inspiration – I love the white board idea!!

    Emma x

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