Dieting – the Her Indoors way

I am only 5’ 4 and if I am honest, a bit chubby all over…my tummy is no bigger than my shoulders…nothing really ‘sticks out’…so I am not very motivated when it comes to dieting….I just slowly grow all over and then realise that none of my clothes fit any more….

Rather than go out and buy a whole new wardrobe I just try and ‘be good’: a sensible breakfast, a small mid morning snack, then a healthy lunch. Possibly a small snack at 4pm…then a healthy supper – yes I know – it really is that boring!!

Unfortunately I don’t lose any weight on this diet so then have to move on to the stricter ‘breakfast lunch and dinner – no snack diet’ – that really is hard…but it does work!

My weakness is, of course, going out – wine and nibbles….I would be so much thinner if I didn’t have any friends!
We all have friends who are very thin and still seem to drink buckets of wine and truckloads of nibbles – these people are very annoying – they are a bit like girls who are married to zillionaires and have pregnancies with no morning sickness – very annoying – but they can still make very good friends actually – so try not to punish them too harshly!!
Christmas, of course is a big danger time for dieting – be warned! Crisps, dips, chocolate, office parties and family get togethers go well with dieting – a bit like clothes shopping with a baby in a sling, a toddler in a buggy and five year old, just running around the shop freely…NOT!

Maybe I should return to this subject in January?


2 thoughts on “Dieting – the Her Indoors way

  1. There is only one thing that is more annoying than pregnant women with zero morning sickness and that is a young mother leaving the hosptal 4 days after childbirth in a tight pair of jeans and a waistcoat.
    No, actually there is another: parents saying their newborn baby goes to sleep at 10 pm and does not wake up until 6 the next morning.
    Have you ever seen a baby like that???

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