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We love keeping in touch with people we photograph and hearing their news when they set up a business or move house. Just as wedding photographers often happily follow up with baby photographs, sibling’s weddings and friends, we do too.

So we were delighted when we met  Catherine and Cameron McCallum, the owners of this Edinburgh family home, to realise that we had photographed Catherine’s parent’s house for Country Homes & Interiors a number of years ago. Her father is renowned Perthshire architect James Denholm and her mother, Fiona Denholm, has her own interior design practice. Notable projects include the Monchyle Mhor boutique hotel and the lodges at Crieff Hydro, as well as the Table restaurant in Edinburgh.

Catherine and her mother have set up a very carefully curated lifestyle and home ware store, selling fashion and skincare as well as interior products. Mainly online, 2moreheads is a joy to discover and a must visit for anyone with an interest in a products provenance.

All the items they sell are selected using strict ethical criteia and many have a heart warming story of enabling women, especially, to work successfully, independently and help to boost their local economy at the same time.

Catherine has inherited her mum’s strong sense of style and put it to good use in the cottage that her and Cameron share with their two little boys.

I love this story because it  illustrates beautifully how well you can transform a home with carefully considered design choices.

The cottage is in a remarkable setting, in a farm steading development on the outskirts of Edinburgh. There are both shared and private green spaces in plentiful supply.  The MacCallum’s home is in a terrace of relatively new family homes, well laid out to give both privacy and sense of community.


The interior was boldly decorated in rich, bright colours when Catherine and Cameron bought it, but they both wanted to radically alter the palette and they painted it white throughout to provide a blank canvas.

Beautiful details such as the repair Catherine undertook with gold leaf of the cracked concrete hearth, lift the house to another level, reminiscent of the Japanese method of repairing pottery, Kintsugi.

Her whole approach to the design of her home and her online home ware collection is to lift the ordinary into something special. The beautiful French bathroom products pictured above are typical.

I know that most families don’t want their home to be too precious, Ikea and vintage furniture is perfectly adequate when there are toddlers running around, but a few choice items, such as the Terrazzo stool, above, a marble topped side table designed by another talented family member, Catherine’s brother’s partner, who works as fashion designer for Top Shop will ensure that your home is functional but without being bland.

Catherine’s mum’s method for displaying family photographs is beyond brilliant – I love it, she just photocopies favourites in black and white, enlarging them sometimes so they appear quite grainy and displays them as collections, mounted on card – so simple, but it really works, they become so cohesive treated this way.

Her boys share a bedroom and have a huge bunk bed that Catherine bought second hand against a bold Hague Blue wall.




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