A Country Hideaway

Nestled in the Borders countryside, Heather Kiernan’s home is a startling discovery. A Victorian Villa, that she shared with her late husband for twenty five years. They lived happily with the decor they chose together in the 1980’s. ‘Laura Ashley was all the rage’ Heather remembers. When he passed away, she knew it would be good for her to have a fresh start, but instead of moving, she embarked on a radical update.

Living room


With the help of architect Sally Ruel, with whom she is now a friend, she removed walls, added french doors, drenched the house with light and painted it in Farrow and Ball whites and greys.


In doing so she has created the perfect backdrop for her collection of first world war posters.

Chaplin film poster

A medical doctor and academic, Heather edited a book of letters between Charlie Chaplin and his co-star of the Gold Rush. She is fascinated by the birth of the Modernism in the arts.

Rock photography

Also a music lover, Heather collects iconic rock photography from the 1960’s. She even has some paintings by Bob Dylan from the Drawn Blank Series and Book Art by his girlfriend, Suze Rotolo, the woman pictured walking arm in arm with him on the cover of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.


Psychedelic posters and serigraphs from the 1960s line the entrance hall.

front door

She shares her life with her new partner now, still enjoying the blissful Borders countryside and her elegant, contemporary home.



4 thoughts on “A Country Hideaway

  1. Lovely colour combinations, I too have Farrow and Ball in my own home and I would strongly advise anyone to do the same. Heathers home is stunning, I love what she did with it and how she utilised the space. I have just had my bedroom decorated and brought a new divan bed from http://www.decur.co.uk and I wanted to introduce a bookcase in my room, I love the one Heathers got, very traditional.

  2. Hello Alison,

    I saw your article about Heather Kiernan and her house, and I was hoping you might still have her contact information. I am currently working on a project about the actress Georgia Hale and working with Heather’s book Intimate Close-Ups. I would really like to ask her about a few things, and I was hoping that you could help me contact her by forwarding my email address to her? (balexander2006@live.com)

    Thank you for your time, and I really like your website!

    Brad Alexander

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