Cosying up for winter

It really is getting chilly and it is suddenly December – so no surprise!

Gorgeous bedding is an obvious must-have at this time of year.

When we shot this glorious bedroom and dressing room suite, in a country house in Fife I fell in love, it seemed so perfect…

I mean, what is not to love?? Unless, of course, you are not keen on deep indigo walls, lush taupe silk eiderdowns, or very large brass beds…

I think it was the dressing room that really hooked me: the owner was an international businessman and his partner proudly told me that he could be ready to jump on a plane in twenty minutes. That stayed with me for a long time, I still think about it in fact. A lot.

Quietly I resolved that somehow, one day I too would have a dressing room just like this and be ready for a plane ride at the drop of a hat.

At any moment, I could just grab my teddy bear and jet off.

It has actually very nearly happened. I do have dressing room now – long story, but I do – dreams do come true, Doug did offer to buy me lots of lovely fitted wardrobe stuff as well, partly because he is very kind, but partly, to be honest, he does just really like that sort of thing. He is very tidy and he secretly, longs for a very, very tidy wife.

I think his ideal wife would look like me, he is not that unhappy, or possibly Scarlett Johanson…. but she would be very, very tidy and organised, she would love filing and carefully finishing things and would definitely not like racing off for coffees with friends and games of tennis during working hours…

My resulting dressing room is also gorgeous but slightly different, less streamlined and more things on the floor…

You know what, talking of floors, there is something missing… These guys need some rugs – there are no rugs… I was just so carried away by the glamour of the whole thing – the flights, the teddies, the bedding… I don’t think I noticed there weren’t any rugs.

The space is cosy, thanks to their heating system which includes a pump supplied by Grundfos Pumps UK, which are especially important for heating the home as well as supplying the home with a hot water supply during the winter. They just need to buy some rich colourful kelims… I really would move in then!


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