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Looking for a holiday home in Tignabruaich, the idyllic yachting village on the West Coast of Scotland, designer Mark Brunjes, came across a disused 1960’s fire station. He snapped it up, aware of it’s unique potential and decided to project manage the conversion himself.The result is a stunning, contemporary, seaside home, with Ibiza overtones. He added a second storey, so of course, the staircase was key. The owner wanted to hint at the buildings origins with a pole in the spiral staircase he installed. The reference is purely tongue in cheek though, as the original station did not have one!When you are undertaking a neat conversion or a two storey extension, a spiral staircase is often the answer and Mark knew where to find a beautiful selection of ready made stairs online in the UK without any problems. As an interior designer, specializing in hospitality, he had years of experience of hotel, bar and restaurant refurbishments that he had brought in on time on a tight schedule and a commercial budget. ‘Doing something for myself, remotely, in my spare time was not without it’s challenges though’ he admits, ‘building costs are always going to be more than you expect in a remote spot’. However, after four years of toil the project sprang to life and Mark’s vision was realised. You enter the house at a side door, on the right is the large double height window that was oringinally the entrance for the fire engine.



He wanted to create an upside down house to take advantage of the stunning views. Mark wanted a modernist, clean lined interior. It is a 1960”s building and he did not want to disguise that.The three bedrooms and bathrooms are all downstairs; they have replaced the offices of the fire station underneath what is now the south facing terrace, overlooking the bay. Floating stairs would have worked as well here.  Upstairs there is a fabulous open plan living space that opens out onto the sundrenched patio. ‘It is a great party house,’ Mark declares.They have installed a Sonos sound system into the ceilings and you can remotely control different sounds to different rooms. It is great throwing the doors open on a summers evening and enjoying the views and the music, Mark has designed beautiful lighting for the terrace and it looks gorgeous at night.’

And yes you can rent it! Find out more about the Old Fire Station at Cottages & Castles


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