Fiona Monk

As you know we have sold our home and we are slowly house hunting and looking for inspiration.

I wanted to give you a glimpse of my friend Fiona’s home, she also lives in the beautiful seaside village of Gullane where we live.

The kitchen was designed and installed by local company Archispek in East Lothian

Fiona bought her home as a new build in in 2006 and I love the way that over the years she has transformed it into a very unique, stylish and very personal home.

Her and her husband Iain have altered it a couple of times, quite radically, in accordance with their families changing needs, moving walls at the back of the house to change the proportions of the rooms. For instance, at one time Fiona was working as a child minder so a play room was a top priority. When she returned to work as a teacher they incorporated the play room and kitchen into one large space.

Now her daughters are very grown up, sophisticated teenagers, so obviously they have a very different focus again. They split the large family space into two again to create a large kitchen diner, this time incorporating the garage and the original playroom is now the garden room.

Double doors can be open or shut between the kitchen diner and the garden room, offering tremendous flexibility to this lovely family home.

Fiona’s colour choices are inspirational. Her mother was Spanish and a practising artist, so injecting colour into her life and spaces is second nature. I love the lighting she has chosen, she introduced me to Cowshed Interiors actually, which has become a go-to for me when I make lighting suggestions for my Room Reports.

Fiona is a wonderful cook, a brilliant gardener and very creative generally. She always makes her improvements and updates seem completely painless!

Looking for my next home I will definitely keep hers in mind as a really good example of what can be done with a relatively new build.

So inspiring isn’t it!


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