Gaston Home

We shot this beautiful coastal home, in the hills overlooking the Firth of Clyde for Ideal Home magazine.
The owners are both architects, Niamh and Shaun Gaston.


Table Stool Wood burning stove

sitting room

Living room

Back of house now

Niamh is one of those people who actually DOES have enough hours in the day, unlike most of us…As well as bringing up 4 children, her and Shaun have rescued this house from a wreck.

Before front of house

Before back of house

Originally built in the 1930’s for a Bee Keeper, designed by the architect of Glasgows infamous Red Road flats, the Gastons bought the building in hideous condition, doing up one floor at a time, living in it with toddllers, over the course of two and a half years. Niamh says she enjoys spending evenings, once her children are in bed putting together Ikea flat pack kitchen cabinets…?? Does she not know about Wine and Movies? TV? Nattering on the phone? Obviously not.


Niamh in her absolutely, deservedly, beautiful home.


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