Gilly Corkery

Anyone wanting to bring a little bit of the Hamptons into their own home would do well to call on the services of Gilly Corkery, Interior Design Partnership, Gilly will do whatever you want to your home in fact: if you are full of ideas, she will make them work; if you have no ideas she will offer you some! She really listens to her clients, she is organised, efficient and will work to a budget, however large or small: her husband, Brendan, is an accountant and they are a really friendly couple and make a great team.

In their own home, they have made a traditional backdrop elegant and eye catching, using beautiful, up to the minute, fabrics, wonderful artworks, with a few colourful, tongue in cheek moments.


1 thought on “Gilly Corkery

  1. Bringing a little bit of the Hamptons style to our homes seems perfect! Thanks for the tip Alison!
    I have a question though.. Do you think that the brand KOKET would fit in any way in this sort of
    ambiences? Have a look and let me know what you think…

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