Kitty The Vintage Caravan

Summer is coming it’s time for a road trip or a vintage tea or a wedding!

And you will not find a better vehicle than Kitty for any of these ventures.

Kitty is a beautiful lovingly restored vintage caravan available to hire for weddings, garden parties, celebrations and anniversaries. She is based in the Wee County of Clackmannanshire, but is willing to travel further afield. A true vintage gal, Kitty is admired by all who see her and she is sure to add a touch of vintage loveliness to your special occasion.

Fit for a queen and available to hire by the day – perfect for use as a cocktail bar or a sweetie store on your big day. Get in touch with owner, Nuala Hewer for rates and availability

Tea and cake or something stronger will not taste better anywhere. Add a sparkle of vintage glamour and magic to your event, Kitty will make your celebration truly memorable.

Kitty The Vintage Caravan


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