Lucy Dunce – Ceramicist of Beauty

Douglas has had the privilege of photographing the home of the highly regarded, Scottish ceramicist, Lucy Dunce Her gorgeous coastal home, near Dunbar, has her Ceramics Studio in the garden.

Lucy holds classes in Ceramics at her studio. For information on forthcoming classes please send an email to:

Lucy with her daughters
Lucy working peacefully in her studio...she often turns to her magical garden for inspiration

The garden itself is a work of art too…..crammed with silvery coastal grasses and fascinating architectural plants.

A mouth watering chalky palette inside and out makes a soothing backdrop both for her own work and that of her husband, Alastair Letch, a brilliant furniture maker, and their beautiful art collection.

Both Lucy and Alastair are keen participants in Scottish Coastal Rowing Project… Alastair was involved, obviously, in the making of the boat, for their local club, in Dunbar, and they both bravely train, regularly, on summer’s evenings and take part in lots of fun Regattas (if you like that sort of thing??!!) Lucy admits that it is quite often the last thing she feels like doing at the end of a days work, but explains that it is the best stress buster ever…battling against the waves, with your team, and swears that there is nothing more effective against bingo wings!!

Lucy, with her wonderful Lurcher, Roo, on Tyninghame Beach


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  1. It is always lovely (if not inspiring) to see how creative people work and live and if I had not bought the fat Country Living’s “Create your own COUNTRY HOME” recenly I might missed all this.

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