Nikki McWilliams

Famous as the creator of the Custard Cream cushion and more recently, cover star of the current Homestyle magazine, designer, Nikki McWilliams home is the epitome of youthful Scottish style: fun, bright and welcoming.

Full of striking vignettes, Nikki’s witty, kitsch collections are a joy.

Nikki working in her office. Her creativity is boundless, not one for taking a day off, she lives and breathes her work and is making all the time.

Newly married to her artist husband, their home, with it’s Irn Bru meets Palm Springs vibe, is a joyful, romantic sanctuary where they can both nurture their creativity.

On the day she taught me everything I know about Instagram, I am still miles behind her, but having fun learning. Do follow us on Nikki McWilliams and Her Indoors Interiors

What inspires you as a designer?
I’m inspired largely by the colour in everyday life. I love packaging design, food and all sorts of art.

What is your daily and weekly routine? Do you take weekends off?
I’m a late starter in the day, but I always have a coffee (or tea) and like to work into the evenings too. I work most days but we try to go on a little adventure on a Sunday. It’s always refreshing to get away from your work and explore a new place.

What was your breakthrough moment for your business?
When I realised it was ok to create super-niche products- I was excited. At the beginning I thought that nobody would have the same interests as me and that I wouldn’t sell many things. Since then I’ve found my tribe- there are so many colour-loving biscuit fanatics out there- and I’m so glad to be part of that world!

What is next for Nikki McWilliams?
We’re days away from launching a whole new collection of Enamel Pins- I’ve had lots of fun designing in this new medium and I can’t wait to share them online!


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