Pedlars – The Gladstone Experience

A hell of a lot better than the ‘M&M’s experience’ that my children dragged me off to last time I was in London….if you are after some Christmas shopping ideas you simply cannot do better than click on….or visit one of their gorgeous shops.

Doug had the wonderful experience of actually photographing Charlie and Caroline Gladstone’s home in the Highlands…inherited from a great, in many ways, grandfather….they really do live the Pedlar’s dream…their home is not crammed with stuff from Pedlars however…it is not a showcase…it is a real family home, where their six children muck about with friends, make a mess and generally grow up (much too fast, if they are anything like mine….)

Getting snowy....

Getting snowy…

A bust of great grandad….resplendant in a fire chiefs hat…

A traditional dining room....made fab, fab, fab by the LOVE print on the mantelpiece

I am sure the LOVE print on the mantelpiece is by my lovely old school friend – Rose Bamford (nee Gibbs) joint owner of wonderful T-shirt and poster company – Her Indoors loves Dandy Star….

Lovely black and white family photos line the walls.....hang on - is that another LOVE poster....!!

Cool isn’t it?

Charlie and Caroline also keep a blog….do have a look….I think they are slightly busier than Doug and I, with their hugely successful mail order business, retail outlets opening up all over the country, an organic farm, a Christmas tree business, homes in London, Scotland, France….all over the place…not to mention their six children and a menagerie of animals, dogs, horses…etc…mind you, we do have two chickens as well as our two cats…and I am doing the scenery for the village panto…..


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