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A sprinkling of summery weather has got me out in the garden recently and I know someone else who is doing a major garden overhaul, not very far from me. The amazing Anna Baltzer of Popcreate.

We are both very fortunate to live on a stretch of stunning coastline just outside Edinburgh, we live in neighbouring villages and the surrounding scenery is a constant source of inspiration.

Anna is a brilliant photographer and takes beautiful portraits of babies and children on location or in her home studio.

Having completed a series of property renovations she has started offering her services as an inter stylist as well, specialising in children’s room as a natural accompaniment to her photography business.

But honestly this woman could style anything: Swedish in origin, she is relentless in her pursuit of beauty, inside and outside. If you are in any doubt as to how to improve your home and would like to inject a little bit of Scandi magic, Anna should be the first person you call.

We had a great day taking these photographs for Good Homes magazine, I am looking forward to a revisit soon, I can’t wait to see what she has done next?

This is her dining room –

Can you spot the Ralph Lauren wallpaper?

She has added some very sparingly to the stairs as well, clever… Did you know that our stretch of coast is commonly known as ‘The Hamptons of Scotland’? Anna has played with this concept brilliantly, ingenious!

I know outside has changed radically… Already stunningly pretty, but Anna just cannot help herself – she just has to have a project!

If you like what you can see, contact her through her website – your home could be next!


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