Rosie Connor

Delighted to show off this gorgeous home that we shot for the current issue of Your Home magazine.

I had been corresponding with Rosie for a while, knowing that I would love to write about her. There is no hurry though, a house does have to be ‘ready’ for a shoot and Rosie is a perfectionist and she loves to experiment.

I was happy to be patient though, as I knew it would be worth waiting for.

After months of to-ing and fro-ing it was suddenly commissioned with a real sense of urgency – the editor realised that it would make a perfect feature for a summer issue. Of course it would – Rosie’s colour palette, a mix of teal, rose and vanilla just shouts ‘summer’ – there was no time to lose!

She was a little nervous – wanting everything to be perfect, we were a little nervous too, as we got completely lost in the end as she lives is a beautiful village in the Trossachs with very little WIFI signal!

Anyhow, we arrived safe and well and had a fabulous day.

Her home is the perfect blank canvas on which she has taken the opportunity to express her amazing creativity. It is honestly not easy, injecting character into a new build home: there are no characterful period features, or fireplaces to act as focal points. She is not a fan of the often-upheld advice that you should live in a house for 6 months before doing anything. ‘I just like to crack on with it’ she admits, eschewing mood boards or any planning – she just works completely instinctively. A bit naughty – I am always advising people to do mood boards and plan – LOL – she obviously does not need any advice from me!

She has installed quite a lot of simple contemporary panelling and added interest with colour, using a mouth-watering palette of shades hinting at soft scoop ice cream, rose wine and watermelon sorbet – all the things we crave on a hot summer’s day! She says that she love pops of colour against a white background and has used ‘All White’ by Farrow & Ball throughout.

Boho accessories throughout prevent her home from appearing in the least bit clinical as is an issue with new builds. Rather, her home is so welcoming and friendly, spilling out into the garden day and evening.

The village is a fantastic place for her daughter to grow up, surrounded by friends, excellent local schools and the stunning Ochil hills, clearly visible in the distance.

Interior design is just a hobby for Rosie, a way to decompress at the end of the day. She has a demanding job working for a charity called The Lillias Graham Trust that supports families in poverty. 

She says there is no better way of de-stressing than painting a piece of furniture a delightful pastel colour, I completely agree.

I loved meeting her and you too can get to know her, by following her on Instagram @rosie_connor_at_home


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