Scotland is an often forgotten corner of the international design world – ridiculous when we invented tartan!! But seriously, it has come a long way since the days of Rob Roy, on many levels: architecture, interior design, culture and fashion, with companies like Anta leading the way.

Lachlan and Annie Stewart met at Glasgow Art School as young architecture students and when they left they had the absolutely brilliant idea of updating the whole ‘tartan thing’ and making it tasteful….they brought it straight into the twenty-first century, skipping the twentieth, even though it was in the 1990’s when they started their business.

They also managed to renovate an ancient castle in their spare time, as you do…..creating a stylish and comfortable home for themselves and their children.

The kitchen…the beautiful fruit bowl will be very familiar to all discerning wedding gift buyers…!

Living room

Master bedroom


Spiral staircase – imagine making your way up these every night?!!



Taking their inspiration form the Scottish landscape, using a myriad of heathers, greys, sages and ochres, textures that we will never tire of, such as tweed, linen and mohair…their products are a constant reminder of the beauty of our countryside, it’s landscape and the innate sense of style of Scottish people.


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  1. Interesting renovation, the main rooms are quite beautiful, but I can’t imagine strolling down the corridor without getting the willies! (wondering if it is a haunted castle?)

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