The Big Reveal…

Can’t keep putting it off…we have actually taken some pics of our garden building…





Quite an effort – first of all deciding to build it, then building it…taking photographs of it just about finished us off, I am not sure which bit was the most difficult??

Probably the deciding bit, if I am honest – that went on for years.

I have to say the building bit was a joy – loved having our builders – Robert Heinsar and all the boys – didn’t want them to leave actually! And thrilled with the results…beautifully designed by Rick McQueenie, REM Associates, Architectural Consultant, he was our neighbour at the time and kept us all sane (just!)





Farrow & Ball supplied the beautiful paint for the doors and windows, to match in with our house…the French Gray very effectively softens the modernist look we have gone for.

The full story has just been published in the Toun Cryer p.110, the full account is quite frank. I slightly wish I had been more, err, guarded about how tricky we found it all, I just don’t think Doug and I are very dynamic, but I should also say that it is absolutely true about what a success the whole project was in the end, we are both absolutely delighted.


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  1. Alison, what an amazing ‘office’. I can see why you are delighted, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Congrats xx

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