10 reasons why Carrie Symonds needs to do my course

I know we can all feel a bit lost and uncertain when it comes to interior design: some of us will be confronted with the scarily blank walls of a new build, some of us with a house that is in badly need of repair. Carrie has been challenged with the leftovers of the previous owners taste, which, I understand she was struggling to make her own.

Spending upwards of £100,000 on an interior is not hard, there are some expensive fabrics out there. But on a temporary home which is not in poor condition and the fact that some of the money has came from public funds, this was an extremely poor message to have relayed. I think most people would have managed to stick to the £30,000 annual allowance for the decorating of Downing Street quite easily.

Quite a lot of rubbish has been reported in the press on this matter of course and political opponents are enjoying using Carrie’s interior challenges as useful bricks to throw at the Prime Minister. All that has actually happened is that Carrie has engaged the services of a tempting but expensive interior design service called Soane Britain. One of their charming interior schemes, inspired by a hotel in the Caribbean, using the rattan furniture that they have become very well known for, is depicted above.

Exactly how much she has spent in their showroom and on their website is unknown and where all the money has come from is uncertain. Soane Britain was named after the historic architectural figure, Sir John Soane. Hatta Byng, editor of House & Garden has pointed out the interesting full circle nature of the fact that Sir John Soane was commissioned to build a State Dining Room for Number 10 in 1826.

It does seem remarkably unwise to spend lavish amounts of her and Boris’s own money on what is a temporary home (I hope!!) for them, but maybe she is buying stuff that she can take away with them when they leave? Hopefully NOT out the £30,000 per year of public money put aside for this purpose though!

Cartoon by Martin Rowson available signed, stamped and dated through his online shop

A leaked email has suggested that Tory peer, Lord Brownlow has donated £58,000 to help cover the cost of the revamp, suggesting that a ‘Downing Street Trust’ should be formed, a sort of tax avoiding charity, which I suppose is probably just about legal… But what kind of person would choose to donate money to the Decor of Downing Street, over, say, the Covid19 crisis in India or Children in Poverty, or anyone in poverty for that matter?

It really is quite chilling. I guess if you really believe in Tory party policy, you might feel that by saving Boris’s neck in this naughty interior niggle you will be in some way saving the country from the alternative of a Labour government? Hmmm, Pony Up Britain, surely a change is as good as a rest??

Whatever your politics, I always liked Theresa May’s fashion sense: elegant, but with a bit of fun and was delighted to read that actually she cleverly lifted the decor at no11 Downing st with all sorts of fun, High st buys, not ALL from John Lewis by the way, and indulged in gorgeous scented candles as well. She did not feel the need to spend a fortune, she maybe learnt her lesson with those rather lovely £995 leather trousers that she was so chastised for.

Wow that price tag seems very small compared to Carrie’s spend at Soanes…

Rifat Ozbek’s homage to a salon orientale at the private Mayfair club 5 Hertford Street

Carrie is clearly a maximilalist: her favourite hang out apparently is 5 Hertford St, a private members club, where shorts are not permitted, presumably, they are too minimal? The interior is decorated in rich deep colours and sumptuous fabrics and busy patterned wallpapers.

Quite a telling guide to our taste in interiors actually, our favourite hang out, mine is Fletchers Cottage Spa, decorated, contrastingly, in raw wood, metal and natural linens… We are all different.

10 reasons why Carrie needs to do my course, Create A Perfect Home For You #CAPHFY

  1. She will discover her true personal style
  2. She will will be able to make instinctive decisions about her decor, expensive mistakes will be a thing of the past
  3. She will learn where to spend and where to save and work to a realistic budget
  4. She will be able to experiment in advance with mood boards, both real and digital versions
  5. She will understand current trends and be able to pick and choose those that suit her
  6. She will acquire a confidence in her choices, allowing her to express her creativity, without annoying most of the nation
  7. Her home will become welcoming and personal, and satisfyingly different to her neighbours.
  8. Visitors will love weaving their way around, fascinated by the stories her stylish interior will reveal about the history of Britain and her and Boris’s unique journey through life.
  9. Rather than slavishly following the advice of an expensive interior design supplier, Carrie will become an expert in her own right and friends will turn to her for advice and ideas!
  10. Her and Boris and little Wilfred will be able to truly switch off at the end of the day, knowing their home is a peaceful sanctuary from all the woes of the world, that is absolutely perfect for them, rather than a prescribed shopping list of expensive ‘must-haves’.

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