Anxious to counteract the hideous-ness inflicted on me by my family every December – yes – Doug’s is the one in the middle – the ‘Hello Kitty’ one – he bought it drastically reduced, after xmas last year and kept it specially…at least my children have managed to co-ordinate, I nipped down to what is always an Oasis of tastefulness, the annual Christmas sale at my neighbour, Anna Gordon’s home.

We are very spoilt us Gullane ladies, to have our very own resident jeweller to supply our every whim: Anna Gordon. Seriously, Anna is job-sharing head of the Silversmithing & Jewellery Department at Glasgow School of Art. and a leading contemporary jeweller.

Her jewellery is beautifully displayed in glass cases but she is happy to undertake bespoke orders as commissions. Contact her through the link above.

She shares the sale with friend, and our neighbouring village, Dirleton, resident, Ceramicist, Charlotte Cadzow. Also very accomplished, Charlotte teaches art at Loretto School and sells her work in galleries throughout Scotland.

I bought some Ceramic stars and a couple of mugs, raced home to display them…

…that’s better…or is it??

Grabbed some Beatitude goodies for my sister-in-law too! Happy Birthday Carol Ann – have a super day and enjoy those oils!


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