An Interior Design Retreat

Having always wanted to be an interior designer since I was a small child I was absolutely delighted to be asked to attend a week long interior design course at Juliettes Interiors on London’s Kings Road.

For a country girl like me, this is an absolute dream. A week in London? Yes please!

A week absorbing everything I want to know about fabrics, furniture, wallpapers, colours, patterns and textures.I went terribly wrong at one point as a young adult and ended up erroneously studying painting, becoming instead, an interiors writer and stylist. My passion for interior design has clearly never left me and I have often thought of studying, but because I am happy in my job and have no real ambition beyond what I actually do, a course that stretches on for years, which so many do, especially of you are studying part time, is simply not necessary for me. A week of total absorption however, is absolutely perfect – I could not be more tempted.I have been incredibly busy recently, launching my product, the Interior Design Toolkit. Intended to be a bit of fun and a side hustle: these things are always so much more demanding than you think they are going to be. We have all done it – bought puppies, had babies, thinking we will be able to just carry on with life – socialising, relaxing at weekends, working…Errrr no… launching a product means that weekends are spent drawing up business plans and marketing strategies, your social life is ruined: dinner party conversations and drinks chats just seem to boomerang back to ‘how is the toolkit going?’ And work?? Forget it. Launching a product = starving to death. Unless you want your product to fail, everything else has to go on the back burner.So, exhausted and wrung out, I will be putting my husk-like self on a train tomorrow, clutching a few toolkits of course and some ‘before photographs’ of my cousins living room, see above and below.Juliettes have asked all participants to bring images of a room in their home that they would like to redesign. My home is very resolved, but I will be staying with my cousin in London, Gaby Koppel. Due to the very recent publication of her amazing first novel Reparation, pictured below, her living room is in much worse disarray than she would like, so I am going to spend my week at Juliettes redesigning it.

I absolutely cannot wait


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