Blogging Your Way Boot Camp

As I explained in my last post, I have signed up for a course in blogging…I was really looking forward to it – thinking it would be a nice, sort of autumnal thing to do, you know, as the nights were drawing in…a little bit of blogging…some tea and biscuits…maybe even some Apple Slice…

Dearie me…well, so far I have found it more like trying to get on a train – with seconds to spare, hands full of shopping and you are not quite sure which door is going to open… It is a very long train…a month to be precise.

Me - racing to catch that tricky BYW train!

Gawwd…just a few ‘assignments’ to start with, a few videos to watch, a few advanced IT skills to acquire: I now have a Gravatar, can use a Forum and ‘link’…just about…and…have just had a whole load of Homework from Blogging Your Way…why was I not expecting this?

What was I expecting?

Think I was expecting lovely Holly to tell me I was lovely and my blog was lovely and that would be it…

Money well spent as far as I was concerned…

So far I think I have asked more questions than I have had answered and the lovely Holly seems, despite her loveliness, much keener on setting me tasks than actually solving any of my many dilemmas…Oh well, I actually think one of the main things I am learning from this course is ‘how to work things out for myself’ – quite a valuable skill in life terms, I have to say…slightly wish I had signed up for Blogging Your Way 25 years ago!



5 thoughts on “Blogging Your Way Boot Camp

    1. My son took that picture of me whizzing down to Gullane beach to watch Doug take part in a swimming race across the bay. I had hidden it from public view for a while, but felt this was a good moment to reveal it!

  1. Hello Alison, I completely get you! your post made me laugh along with you. I have signed up for the BYWBootcamp too. I am a new blogger, who has never teetwed befor this course… head is spinning with fear and excitemnt.

    Kindest Regards Heather from Australia

  2. I love this post! It is insightful and funny and honest!
    I agree…class is high-speed like a train, but worth every penny! Holly is an excellent teacher!
    Love the photo of you biking to catch up! 🙂
    Please pass the apple slices and coffee. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best,
    Mary (from BYW Bootcamp)

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