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I know my aim during lockdown is to make my home as serene and elegant as possible so that, should we be allowed to travel again, I can easily rent my home out for the regular golf events that take place in our village or maybe do another house swap again, an amazing experience… Once your home is tidy and clean and clutter free, possibly with a little help from a professional organiser, see my previous post here, you might feel it is time to invest in some beautiful new storage. The few, beautiful possessions you have left will be deserve to be displayed on some truly exquisite shelving. The selection available from Bo Concept is so perfect: affordable, contemporary, but a little bit different. Do visit their furniture stores in Glasgow. Three pieces caught my eye –


The Como Wall System above, comes in many variations of shape and size and there are three colour ways: white, taupe and a deep charcoal.

I love the Cupertino Console: once you have cleared all the crap from your hall, this will be all you need: a spot to pop today’s post, some fresh flowers, maybe a favourite, framed photograph and in the drawers a spare key for visitors, your hat, gloves and sunglasses!

The Lugano TV unit is super smart, the top is a light marble,ceramic and the drawer fronts are a tactile matt lacquer – so low and elegant, with clever, useful extensions: your media needs will have never looked so elegant!

Your new zen like environment will free you up to be more creative, to exercise more and there is no doubt that a clean, calm home is good for your mental well being. There is evidence that over cleaning can be bad news for your immune system. For this reason, I would go easy on artificial cleaners, with strong fragrances and I would focus on clearing the clutter, enabling you to sweep and dust effortlessly and rely on good old fashioned soap and water, with a little elbow grease to keep your home hygienic and germ free. I try to stick to natural products for both skincare and cleaning and I really feel the benefits.



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