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Delighted to come across this fabulous designer based in Northumberland, Cathy Dean Interior Design. I first saw a hint of Cathy’s work in Edinburgh and was very struck by it and keen to find out more. Her work is so original and laden with drama.

I am in awe of the way she transforms a property, lifting it to another level and completely altering the mood of the space. Here are a few before and afters –

I was delighted to interview her and sent her the questions below.

How would you describe your style Cathy?

We have a contemporary design style which does set us apart from a lot of other businesses in the area. We like to keep our core style ideas the same, but mould them to how they best fit the brief – be it a more colourful space or a much more muted Scandi design. We like to use the term ‘relaxed glamour’ to describe it: somewhere that makes you say ‘wow’ but at the same time welcomes you in and allows you to relax.

What is your favourite brand of paint?

We love to use Benjamin Moore Paint – the shade range is incredible and allows us to get exactly the colour we need!

I love the feeling of continuity in your interiors. How do you achieve that?

To create that feeling of continuity we often use the hall and landing areas to carry key colours throughout the space.  We like to make sure we use a similar mix of materials and colours so that the space doesn’t feel disjointed.

Who can we expect to meet when we engage Cathy Dean Interiors?

Cathy Dean

Well, we are now a team of 5 people: I, myself, deal with a bit of everything from client meetings and measure ups to spatial planning and furniture specifying; Nev is our resident software whizz, who is amazing at creating beautiful renders of our proposals to show to our clients; Jen does lots of design work – she creates mood boards and design ideas to pitch to the client. Kiera is a new graduate and does a little bit of everything: ordering; social media work and some designing. Emma specialises in project coordination, she works on trades liaison and the final styling. 

Do you have a consultation fee?

In terms of pricing we do not do an initial consult fee, mostly I prefer to just go and meet people. We have to get to know each other a little to know if we’d be happy working together. I believe it is really personal so clients have to trust me and my team. So we go say hi, have a cuppa and work out what they need and then cost up the projects.

This makes absolute sense.

Cathy offers full spatial planning for clients and works with several architects, should they need their services. ‘Though often a good ‘ol re jig of the space is what’s needed and sometimes I find people think an extension is the answer when actually with some smart planning you can spend more cash on what you love than some square footage’ she clarifies.

I completely agree.

Cathy gets these beautiful results by really thinking through what a client needs and works out the best solutions for them, creating a highly personal scheme, in response to her clients lifestyle.

Please get in touch with Cathy Dean Interior Design should you have an exciting project you are embarking on and would like to give it a truly original twist!

All photography by Susie Lowe and Katie Lee.


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