Eleanor Carlingford

Check out the latest issue of Grand Designs magazine, September issue, check front cover…beautiful feature shot by Doug and styled by the brilliant Mairi Watson…

The house was originally a tiny cottage on the edge of a sea loch at Kilcreggan. Overhauled and extended by Glasgow based, award winning architects Cameron Webster it is now known locally as the James Bond house!

The walls are adorned with paintings by local artist Eleanor Carlingford. Her beautiful, arresting artworks are perfect for the scale of this house and complement rather than fight with the stunning scenery that it is drenched in.

“…who stare in momentary wonder before
disappearing out of the poem” (2009)
from Inventing Ireland, Declan Kiberd
160cm w x 120cm h
Oil on canvas

On The Ridges Of The Wide-Lying Sea (2008)
210cm w x 160cm h
Oil on canvas

I personally cannot get enough of them…www.eleanorcarlingford.com

The house is available to rent as a holiday hideaway at Cottages & Castles


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  1. I found it – hey Alison, thankyou so much. And you posted “On the Ridges of The Wide Lying
    Sea” one of my own favourites. The Autumn now is bringing on the big push towards a solo show. Let me have your address for invites.

    all the best


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