Family Favourites – my brother!

We have been doing this job for over 10 years now and I thought I would start this blog with some absolute favourites.

One favourite has to be my brother’s house, courtesy of his wife of course! Elaine is brilliant – she single-handedly managed the conversion of an old stone cow byre in West Lothian, sourcing the wood, which lines all the main rooms, from salvage yards, grabbing the kitchen from friends who were chucking it out….She fitted it herself, shouting at my poor brother constantly, to keep out of the way during the process, knowing that if he went anywhere near it the whole thing would fall down!

Mouth watering colours and textures result in a look that is definitely not off the shelf!

A nomadic mix of Middle Eastern treasures, family heirlooms and antiques unearthed in the most unlikeliest and unpromising of places ensure that Ian and Elaine’s home is beyond unique.

Elaine’ eye for a bargain, mixed with her skill and impeccable taste has given their home a look that money alone simply could not buy.

Slightly worryingly, my brother has actually just taken early retirement – oh dear…I hope the house is OK!


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